Responsible Supply Chain Management – A Study

Responsible Supply Chain Management-An Analysis

An Introduction

Large organizations realize that sustainable supply chain management promotes brand integrity, decreases risks of operating and brings forward the chances to save and innovate. Supply chains that are sustainable in nature depend on a system of supplier-facing, collaborative and internal efforts that cut across geographical boundaries and industrial peripheries. In this article, we will discuss about responsible supply chain management that is one of the strategy tools and used as part of a company’s corporate social responsibility.

An Idea

Responsible supply chain management is concerned about protection of stakeholders from probable harm. This type of management takes place only in close cooperation with other factors and not in isolation. Other factors that are responsible for sustainable supply chain management in a responsible way are suppliers, NGOs, communities and government.

In spite of companies infusing corporate social responsibility policies and responsible supply chain management, the challenges regarding CSR have not been fully eliminated.

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