Reducing Dependency on Managers – A Study

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Managers often find themselves helping out their team members. It is natural for them to do so. However, in the process of helping others, he or she cannot complete his or her own work. While some team members want help in matters of marketing, others seek help in financial matters. In this article, we will discuss about the way dependency on managers can be reduced. It is thus, a study in effective team management.

An Idea of Managerial Dependency

Managerial dependency occurs when team members get totally dependent on managers and are unable to complete work on their own. It is okay for managers to help them out as a resource, but it is equally necessary for team members to work on their own without seeking the manager’s help.

Ways to Reduce Managerial Dependency

# Developing Responsibility

The responsibility to initiate work should be on each and every employee, however, in practice that does not happen. In most cases, employee initiative is hardly seen and most of the initiative is taken by managers. As a result, the performance culture of the company becomes poor, employees try to avoid responsibility and a lot of money is wasted. Human resource is always on hold in such a system, as they wait to be told what to do next.

In order to face the problem of low initiative, leaders should adopt a different process to handle their direct reports and regularly apply those skills to deal with direct reports.

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