Re-Engaging Team Members – An Analysis

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When a new manager asks some of her employees about the norms and policies of the company, she might come across a de-motivated and disinterested team. The reason for their disinterest may be lack of interesting projects or indifference of the company towards their problems. It may also happen that the company does not give importance to their efforts. In this article, we will discuss about the techniques of re-engaging team members. It leads to enhanced team management and rewarding people becomes easier.

An Idea

The manager might feel uncomfortable because she does not know what she should do, if she is in a problem. She does not know whom to turn to when in need. Disengaged people exist in all kinds of industries and in all businesses. These people are identified by their indifferent attitude and their dislike for the responsibilities they have. They emit negative vibes wherever they go.
Disengaged people have a bad influence over other staffs. But, it is important to notice that employees do not start off as negative professionals or disinterested staffs. It is a habit that grows in course of time as expectations of both employer and employee keeps growing.

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