Project Close Activities – A Discussion

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The successful organizations are characterized by their ability to handle projects quickly by constantly being involved in the project activity. These organizations believe in completing first job as early as possible to move into the next job. In between team members can move on to the next job by keeping the last job in the process. In order to avoid such situations, it is important to embrace the importance of project management and then, apply it effectively. This article will make you familiar with project closure.

Key Basics of Project Closure

Project closure comprises of various key elements. The level of sophistication and detail depends on the complexity of assignment and size of the organization.

The various key actions in close out are

  • Identifying the learnt lesson
  • Documentation and review
  • Archiving records
  • Identifying outstanding achievements
  • Distribution of resources

Identifying Lessons Learnt

After completion of the assignment, it’s a great thing to identify and reflect achievements. Also having a note on what’s learnt will help the organization to use it effectively in the future projects. There can be an informal gathering with formal meeting consisting of large people including stakeholders, project team, supervisors, executive management, and operations staff.

The lessons learnt from the previous project should provide optimum results, and this forms a part of constructive feedback. The suggestions should come from the group, and this should provide new ideas and improvement on the mission. The top 5 to 10 issues should be in focus to decide the outcome of procedures and process adapted for the future projects. The reviews gathered give opportunities for practical learning. Also, it facilitates emotional closure of the assignment.

Review and Documentation

Documentation consists of several elements such as Data archiving report, Post Implementation Review Report, and Project Enclosure Report. The success in planning comes from the early stages from the elements such as

  • Achieving initial success factor
  • Positive light on the stakeholder
  • Well managed projects
  • Collective work from the members
  • Understanding of the team roles and achieving progress at milestones.

Usage of Project Closure Report

Project Closure Report is the document that formally closes the project. It is prepared with the assistance of Project Manager and is presented to the project or client sponsor.

Project manager usually seeks input from the project team, stakeholders and customers. The Project Closure Report characterizes how the clients will live after the completion of the project.

Project Closure Report

Project Closure Report includes the confirmation that the ongoing project has met the criteria and requests from the sponsors of the project. The project closure report consists of the following elements.

  • List of completion criteria
  • Receive confirmation if certain criterion is met
  • Outstanding risks, business activities and issues
  • Closure of actions
  • Closure request

There are projects in which some tasks can’t be completed. To manage the closure effectively, one has to identity the outstanding issues and solve them. When the outstanding issues are completed a Post implementation Review and success measure report are created for the reference in future projects.

What is Post Implementation Review Report?

Post implementation Review Report is a document that tells about the project history. It provides information about the actual budget, plan, and schedule. There are also other recommendations for the projects of similar scope and size. The report consists of following elements.

  • Project organization through skills and staffing
  • Effective Scheduling
  • Mitigation techniques and risk assessment
  • Processes used for quality management and change control
  • Project communication techniques
  • Handling customer expectations using various techniques
  • How the success factors are met?
  • Actual and planned financial data
  • Learnt lessons
  • Future project manager recommendation

Gathering and Archiving the Project Data

Once the Post Implementation Review Report is delivered, information in the project database is archived. The repository of past projects serves as a source of reference and training too. The archived information can be used to estimate the project development and its productivity.

Below are the types of project data archived.

  • Post Implementation Review Report
  • The project plan
  • The documents for control of management
  • The status report
  • The contract documents
  • The technical files
  • Meeting notes
  • The correspondance

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Recognize Achievement

The usual agreement between the management experts is that staff achievement is an effective management tool. It sets the future success of the business. Individuals and teams can work together to meet the expectations and goals.

Before the project members start to move on to the next project, holding a wrap up party is a nice gesture. Mugs, T-shirts, and other items can commemorate the project. Another way is to promote the success of the project by writing articles on periodicals and project experience. Along with staffing, broader knowledge about project handling can be learnt.

Disburse Resources

To close the project physically, one must consider doing small tasks. These activities include completing outstanding paperwork, paying everybody, filing required reports, tossing rubbish, cleaning the warehouse or factory, and briefing the public. Depending on the type of project, the staff can hold discussions about what the project has thought them and how they can help their career opportunities.

Satisfaction, Education, and Motivation

Employees who finish the job in a great fashion motivate the other members of doing future projects. If the conclusion of the project is well documented then anyone who decides to learn more about it can skip performing work from the scratch for future projects. Closing projects with a great success are the main motivating factor for taking up future projects, which are challenging and require strong dedication.


Every project in hand has to start and end. For gaining optimum success, one has to plan properly and manage to complete and ultimately reach the end. With industry today growing rapidly, project management and steep learning curve are important to know about project completion. Managing closures is challenging, and many organizations fail to achieve tithe reason lies in the decision to have an initial plan about the process that they are going to undertake.

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