Project and Program Governance – An Analysis

Project and Program Governance - An Analysis


Sometimes, projects may fail to be successful even if the required components that can make it a success are present. Starting from team to other resources, time of delivery and quality of the project is there, but the project fails. In such cases, the company must implement governance of projects. In this article, we will discuss about project and program governance as part of project management.


  • When a project does not run smoothly, several unexpected things begin to occur. The resources disappear one after the other, as a result of which expert knowledge is distributed to other projects. When this happens an important tool for data storage is provided to another assignment which was stalled because of the project that failed to deliver and the company also loses its financial resources.
  • These things can be checked by implementing project governance. This is not essentially going to prevent the problems from happening but, it will make sure that the company has optimum support from senior management and helps in smooth conduct of the project. Senior management also assists in solving problems successfully.

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