Planning Large Projects and Programs – Concept, Challenges and Solutions

Planning large projects and program


The need for discernible transformation that is futuristic in carefully marshalling plans and faithfully executing it cannot be over-emphasized in this new era. The Nigerian populace, over 112 million of whom, according to National Bureau of Statistics' latest figures, are impoverished and are seriously yearning for improved quality of life and good governance became agitated. Surviving a new day is usually regarded by many as a plus from the Almighty!

Disappointingly, aside from a number of human lives, several property and hundreds of billions of Naira lost to the one-weeklong strike and mass, sustained protests at the time, the Government recently dropped a bombshell: the seemingly lofty items outlined in the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment (SURE) programme, which was hurriedly and unrealistically compiled and published as a face-saving measure to sway scores of Nigerians to support the unpopular decision, according to the Presidency, are no longer achievable despite its published N16.3billion subsidy savings for January this year.

Planning Large Projects and Programme- The Concept

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