Plan Your Feedback Session with Feedback Matrix

Feedback Matrix


The feedback matrix is a particular tool used for planning the feedback sessions with specific objectives. The process focuses discussions on the specific activities that are to be taken up in the future. It does not take the emotional impact into the account and only focuses in the desired outcome for the work environment. The feedback can be distinguished in 4 different types namely, compliment, advice, suggestion and criticism.

Basic Concept of the Matrix

A successful feedback session can only be obtained with the help of the feedback matrix. Receiving feedback will not only evaluate but also help in improving the positive changes. The feedback sessions may include several topics and points that demands feedback. Each of the points in the matrix is provided with either advice or suggestion or the criticism, whichever is applicable. This helps you in forecasting the possible impact of your planned approach. You can also choose the best option or the method for inspiring all your employees.

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