PERT Charts and Critical Path Analysis

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Sometimes in life you come across projects which are huge and highly complex. For handling these projects efficiently each and every step should be taken wisely. One single mistake can cause your entire project to crash leaving all your invested effort and time of no use. For achieving the desired output that you have planned for your project certain powerful tools are often put to use such as PERT and critical path analysis which help you to arrange and manage complicated projects without much difficulty. They first came around use during the 1950’s initially used for efficient handling of large defense projects. It has found its use in a diverse set of fields since then. A special tool such as the Critical Path Analysis (CPA), Gantt Charts or the Critical Path Method (CPM) assists you in planning all assignments that must be finished as part of a project.

How is Critical Path Analysis Useful?

The Critical Path analysis helps you essentially with two very basic things, preparation of a proper schedule for the smooth and efficient working of your project and planning and wisely using the resources available at your disposal. While managing a project these special tools help you in monitoring achievement of project goals. In case the entire project is under jeopardy they help you locate the cause of the crisis and take suitable remedial actions needed to get the project back on course. Applying CPA within the planning process helps you to develop and test your plan and find out the flaws if any. For on time completion of a project there are certain key tasks which need to be completed within specified time.

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