Performance Evaluation through 360 Degree Feedback



360 degree feedback is a process where the employees can accept the confidential feedback from the anonymous members around them. These members can be anyone starting from the peers, managers and also the direct reports. Sometimes the feedback can come from the external sources, like customers, stakeholders and the suppliers. The feedback form is filled up by 8 to 12 anonymous members with the answers about the workplace competencies. The forms can include questions that can be evaluated in the rating scales and can also ask for comments from the participants. Sometimes the surveys can be self-rating where the employees get an opportunity to rate themselves.

Basic Concept

The managers and the leaders of the organization can use the 360 degree feedback for evaluating their employees in the right method. The strengths and the weaknesses of their resources can be very clear in front of them. The anonymous format of the forms help to rate the person without favoring or discouraging any point of view. It allows the individual to assess themselves and therefore beneficial for their self-development purposes. It is not only useful for the managers, but the non managers can also be served through this assessment tool. The evaluation helps in focusing on the current goal and planning for moving to the managerial level.

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