Performance Agreements Help In Meeting Organizational Goals

Performance Management


Many times, it happens that an employee is not able to perform up to the desired expectation. HR personnel or the immediate supervisor sits with the subordinate and tries to find out the reason of poor performance. In this case, the concerned employer makes some workplace adjustments and motivates the candidate to deliver best result. But, after some time, it is found that the employee has not been able to cope up with internal crisis. So, what is to be done? The efficiency of the staff can be raised through performance agreements.

What is Performance Agreement?

Performance agreement is a formalized plan, which is developed by the employer and the employee and it records what is to be fulfilled and how and when the goal has to be attained.

Expansion of Performance Review Process

One of the ideal ways of expanding the performance review process is by implementing a performance agreement strategy. This signifies accountability for specified organizational and personal goals.

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