Overcoming Cultural Barriers to Change – A Study

Overcoming Cultural Barriers to Change - A Study


It is important that a company realizes the way in which its people react to changes. Corporate culture is a strong force that runs through most companies. It is defined as the experiences, beliefs and values that are functional in an enterprise. These internal cultural practices describe the attitude of people and how a company operates. In this article, we will discuss about overcoming cultural barriers that hinder changes in the corporate culture. In this article, we will also learn about project management and change management.


Culture as such refers to the ethnicity and practices of people from different backgrounds. However, the way a company makes use of the best practices to achieve its objectives underlines its culture.

  • When a person desires successful change, these cultural factors have a significant role to play. If a company has had a negative experience earlier, it will be tougher for her to accept changes. Again, if the work culture of a company is such that if something is not ruined completely, then there is no need to repair it, making changes becomes difficult.
  • Bringing change is not possible at all times. When a person faces cultural resistance at her workplace, she finds it quite frustrating. Culture presents hindrances in the path of change, but also supports in achievement of goal at the same time. Cultural barriers can be removed by learning about the attributes of a culture that performs well. Once a manager knows what she should promote, she will be in a better position to improve the existing situation.

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