Organizing Disorganized People – A Study

Organizing Disorganized People - A Study


There are times when people do a lot of hard work and send it to their colleagues for checking. The duty of the colleague is to correct the mistakes in the work and make strategic decisions, before finalizing the content. The professional who created the project hopes that it will be checked very soon and delivered to the client. However, the colleague entitled to check it makes delays and is unable to check the content within the stipulated timeframe. In this article, we will discuss about the different ways to get people organized and increase their personal effectiveness.


  • Even after the professional and the manager reminds her colleague about the project, the latter returns it to her without the correction, just before the deadline. This means that the professional will have to make the changes in a very short time. The delay in the attitude of the colleague has created quite a stress for the professional and she has to complete it by hook or crook.
  • If, this is a habit, chances are that productivity is hindered almost always.

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