Ohmae’s 3C Model – An Analysis

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Business strategy has been around for years. It can be said as the art of thinking and winning in the war of business. There are a number of business leaders who have developed strategic plans and tools to help organizations think of ways to compete effectively. Ohmae's 3C Model developed by Kenichi is one such tool that is based on integrating the critical elements of business strategy.


Kenichi Ohmae

Ohmae's 3C Model was developed by Kenichi Ohmae who is one of the leading business strategists from Japan. He is known as Mr. Strategy and developed the 3C model that defines the strategic factors that are needed for success. Kenichi made his mark 20 years ago with his book “The Mind of Strategist: The Art of Japanese Business”, which defines the corporate strategies. According to Kenichi – successful business strategies do not come from rigorous analysis, but from a through process that is creative as well as intuitive. It cannot come from rational process and analysis. His thinking on the issues related to the business world was brought together in his books. In his books, we will find topics related to the governance of the new business world, education of citizens with respect to the business world, new kind of cold war and so on.

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