Mission and Vision Statements- An Analysis

Vision, Mission, Goals


A company that has a well established purpose of action makes its employees passionate and committed about their work. The motto of the company to engage in social activities makes the employees all the more devoted towards it. A company with compelling mission and vision statement is bound to inspire its employees. In this article, we will discuss about the mission and vision statements of an organization. These are considered important strategy tools.

An Idea

The implementing strategy of mission and vision statement of an organization should be transparent, so that it cascades down to all levels of the organization. People are motivated when they realize that the company they work for has a well defined mission and vision. They should be conveyed to the external stakeholders of the company such as suppliers, customers and media.

Mission Statement

The vision statement of an organization should be expressed in a more practical manner. This is the step where creation of a mission statement becomes important. The mission of a company mentions what it wants to do and why it wants to do that thing.

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