Minimizing Work Space Stress Enhances Business Profitability

Stressed Businessman Working At Computer In Modern Office


Every person likes to work in a renovated office environment. When candidates arrived for interview, they found that the ambience was bright, cubicles were positioned in rows and many other things. Fine, most of them got selected and they resumed your work soon. But, after few days, you find that they are suffering from stress. This may have happened due to overcrowding of work space. So, they feel weak, cannot control their temper and this kind of behavior leads to conflicts, which hampers business prospects. So, if you take into account some work space stress minimizing strategies, you can keep your employees happy and can attain best business productivity.

Causes of Work Space Stress

Work space stress comes from physical conditions, which you perceive as frustrating, uncomfortable, unpleasant or irritating, such as

  • Unhealthy air like smoke, air pollution, unpleasant smell, etc
  • Inefficient lighting arrangements
  • Loud background noise like conversation, traffic noise, music, etc
  • Faulty designs of desks and chairs
  • Unclean office area

A person may think that these factors are quite small. But, when they are clubbed together, one can find the effects are alarming.

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