Miles and Snow’s Organizational Strategies – An Analysis

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Organizations need to implement defender strategy in an attempt to protect their market from existing as well as new competitors. As a result of this, organizations need to make major changes in their technology as well as methods of operation. Defenders can be successful when they exist in a stable environment. Organizations show great diversity in the way they operate. Each has its own way of attracting customers. Some companies change their catalogues frequently, while some adopt other methods. We cannot say that one approach is right and other is wrong.

Organizations may choose to adopt any of the methods based on their experience and requirement. What’s important is – proper alignment of competitive strategy with the organizational structure. Once you understand the strategy that fits your organization, you can improve the position of your company by answering some key questions based on Miles and Snow's Organizational Strategies.

About the Model

Miles and Snow's Organizational Strategies have been supported by a number of managerial subjects and has become one of the useful methods in strategic management. The relationship between structure and strategy has been studied by Raymond Miles and Charles Snow in the year 1978. They published “Organizational Strategy, Structure, and Process,” that defined different types of organizations such as – defenders, analyzers, prospectors and reactors.

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