Managing Interruptions – A Study


An Introduction

If a person gets interrupted in her work on a regular basis, it harms her productivity and bars her success. When in office, a professional gets interrupted in many ways. Interruptions come in the form of conversations in hallway, emails, phone calls or even colleagues who stop by the cabin to have a small talk. These interruptions stall the work at hand and check the speed of the employee. In this article, we will discuss about the techniques of managing interruptions at workplace. By using time management tools an employee can increase her personal effectiveness at workplace even after being interrupted.

An Idea

Given the fact that there is lot of work to be done at office in very little time such interruptions act as sources of major distractions. By the time office hours are over, the work might not be completed or the employee might lose the energy to execute her work. Moreover, interruptions break the focus of employees and they have to start re-thinking about the work they had been doing before the interruption.

One cannot stop interruptions from occurring, but they can be controlled. For this, an employee has to realize what interruptions she faces on a daily basis and keep space for them in her every day schedule.

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