Managing High Achievers – A Study

Managing High Achievers


There are many employees in companies who are eager for responsibility and the team leader can also depend on them to get a job done. Such team members are called high achievers. Again, there are employees who perform well, but are not able to fulfill their potential. They might have started with full impetus but cannot complete them properly. These team members sometimes take up a lot of work and do not delegate it to their peers. They are high achievers who might become frustrated in a matter of time. In this article, we will discuss about high achievers and how a leader should deal with them for proper team management. This article also gives an insight into the benefits of rewarding people.

An Idea

High achievers are those employees who are focused on their goals, ambitious and are driven by personal will to achieve significant goals.

They are the real assets of a company, as they have expert knowledge and are eager to take responsibilities. They are highly motivated and perform well. High achievers hardly require supervision from seniors. However, it is essential that they realize the potential they have. For this they should get optimum support from their managers.

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