Maintain Simplicity in Business with ‘Keep It Simple’ Principle

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KISS is the abbreviated form of Keep It Simple or Keep It Simple, Stupid! This principle was first coined by Kelly Johnson. The principle can be applied in both individual and organization aspect. The people will usually want to make things simple so that it remains easy for learning and use. An organization that manufactures products or renders services may find simplicity as an added advantage for the company. Sometimes designing a product may take higher cost and longer time, but the product will only be successful if the users find it easy to use.

Basic Concept

The Keep It Simple principle is a rule that states that the system will perform better with simple designs rather than the complex ones. While working as an engineer in the mid 90s , Kelly Johnson formulated this term. In recent years, the term is used in the software design where the programs are required to be simple enough. It can help you to solve the problems more quickly. You can also produce complex codes in just fewer lines, the larger systems can be easily maintained, and high quality codes can be produced with expandable and flexible requirements.

How Keep It Simple Principle Can Be used For Your Business?

Simplicity in Branding:

Simplicity can be obtained in branding. The little black dress launched by the Coco Chanel long back is still the heartthrob of the ladies during the evening parties. Every girl will dream of that little black dress in her stock of clothes. It has become a must have asset for all the women of this generation. Another example of branding can be given from Mac. The Apple logo shows the simplicity of branding and also talks of the quality. For the success of your business, you need to manufacture a product with quality and make it marketable backed up with excellent customer service.

Simple Workspaces:

If your workspace is clean and uncluttered, you can concentrate more on the time management and can work skillfully with all your resources. A cluttered workstation with files and folders all around, pictures, tools, empty pens, old receipts, filled ashtrays can distract you from your work and will waste a lot of your valuable time. You should create a clean and simple workspace for concentrating on your work. You may create a decorative wall, a shelf in the corner, a side table to keep all your things organized. Now, keep your work desk a little separate and simple.

Simple While You Speak:

Have you ever observed that someone starts to sleep while you are giving a presentation? It can be a feedback for you. Just take it positively and try to improve the pace of your speaking. You can keep your message simple and to the point and not elongate much deep. You can try voice modulation for making your audience interested in the presentation which is going on. You can also walk around the room so that you can gain attention from each of the members present in the presentation room.

Simple Writing:

When you are communicating with your employees through writing, you should write in clear and simple language. Your sentences should not be much long. You can use short paragraphs with simple English. Keep all the topics relevant to your target receivers. The stories should not go over the head and must be legible to everyone intended.

Avoid Being Perfect:

You can complicate things by making efforts to be perfect all the time. When you are moving a specific task from your to-do list since several weeks on the excuse that the task is not getting perfect, then you must be suffering from perfection procrastination. To make your activities simple, you should set a fix deadline and should not linger on with the pending works.

All Cannot Be Done At Once:

The tasks in your to-do list can take time. Some process can take longer time than you expected. There may be obstructions in various steps and you should accept that all the activities cannot be done just as you expected. Just provide yourself with proper space and time, and you can accomplish your goals easily.

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Simplify Where Possible:

You should focus on the simplicity wherever possible. You should properly segregate the 24 hours of your day according to your priority. Your hours should have a simple and proper work life balance also. You should provide time to your own family, your business and also meditate for self relaxation. The art of simplifying can come within you. You just need to avoid the situations which create stress and tension. Sometimes the managers keep on targeting tough goals not getting success all the time and even if they get the success, the journey is never joyous. So try getting simple solutions to all the problems to make your work life easier and smoother!

You can also follow the simple steps to keep it simple in your workplace:

  • Always remain humble and comfortable to accept new ideas
  • You can break down large tasks into small sub tasks
  • The methods of processing the tasks must be simple
  • If you are writing codes, first solve the problems and then start creating the codes
  • Recode when you think the code is not suiting your requirement
  • Being simple can be harder and you must gain some real skills to remain simple in all the activities you want

Key Points from the Article

From the article we can understand the

  • Basic concept of the Keep It Simple Principle
  • How the principle can be used in your organization
  • Where can you use the Keep It Simple principle
  • How can you break down your tasks into simple formats and can work in simple methods

So, from the Keep It Simple principle you can organize your work schedule, plan all the activities well beforehand and can manage all the tasks properly.

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