Lewin’s Leadership Styles- A Study

Lewin's Leadership Styles- A Study

An Introduction

The effectiveness of managers varies from one organization to another and from one manager to another. While some of them might be efficient, others might demonstrate low productivity. Again, some managers are very good at a particular task while they cannot show their excellence in other tasks. This is due to the fact that they use the same leadership style in all circumstances. In this article, we will learn about Lewin's Leadership Styles framework which talks about three different kinds of leadership styles to be used under different circumstances.


In 1939, Kurt Lewin led a team of psychologists and discovered different styles of leadership. This study led to the introduction of three types of leadership, namely, authoritarian, democratic and laissez-fair. In the research conducted by Lewin, school children were included in one of the three teams, each having a leader who follows one of the three styles. The children were led to an art and crafts project and their behavior in response to the leadership styles was observed by the researchers.

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