Leverage – An Analysis

Time And Money


Lifting an object can be possible even when a person is not using lever. But, by using it she can make sure that she can lift it more easily and with far less effort. Moreover she can lift heavier stuff with the help of a lever. In this article, we will discuss about the different kinds of lever that are used to succeed in life and career. The lever is thus, used to improve personal effectiveness.


  • General idea says that by using lever a person transfers her weight, so that she easily picks up an object.
  • Leverage is very important as far as career is concerned. By using leverage a professional can enjoy a successful career and be more successful than she could be without using it.
  • A professional not using leverage may succeed by working hard, but the rewards she gets are restrained only till her working hours. This relationship between working hour and hard work can be broken if she uses leverage.

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