Learn to Praise Others and Witness How it Makes Difference

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We always tend to pay our attention towards what is going wrong around us and we put our best effort to fix them, because we believe that disorder should be fixed quickly before it damages the productivity of the organization.

However, in our way to maintain balance between order and disorder, we often tend to ignore issues that are going right around us. If you ask yourself that how often you praise other people for their right actions, you will find that you always forget to do that.

Some people do not like to appreciate other people for their good actions, but come hard if there is something wrong around them. However, you should know that everyone, including, manager, team members, clients and suppliers always love to get appreciation if something good has been done by them.

A study has shown that employees of those organizations that offer rewards and appreciate good actions work in better and favorable working conditions, compared to those companies that always ignore the strategy.

However, you should know that a little praise could bring a lot of changes at working environment. Thus, no matter what is your position at a company, you still have the chance to praise others to motivate and enhance their productivity. In this article, we will talk about how you can help others to recognize their actions.

Understand the Need of Praise

If you look at the people at your organization, you will find that employees who are appreciated and respected for their actions are more motivated and productive than those who believe that they have been going unnoticed.

Motivated people always offer more than what they can do and they are more devoted to any organization, because they think that they have the ability to make real difference within their workplace.

One of the most important things about praise is the chemical reaction that it creates on one’s mind. Study shows that when people hear something that they always love to hear, their brains produce dopamine that provides more mental energy to them. The chemical dopamine works as neurotransmitter and determine the state of mind such as happiness, pride, well-being and satisfaction.

If you rely on the strategy of praising people for their good actions, you will find that it is helping you to build good relationship with people around you and those people will offer you feedbacks through their works that will definitely be good for an organization.

Learn to Receive Praise

Praising is not a difficult task to execute. While doing this, you just have to be careful about people’s feeling and business they are involving with. But here the question comes that what you will do when you are receiving it?

When it comes about receiving praise, the best way to deal with this is applying gymnastic rules. You have to learn to keep balance between the praise and other discouraging words. For instance, if someone is telling you that you are amazing, try to keep calm and do not give too much stock in it. On the other hands, when someone is saying any discouraging words to you, then apply the same strategy as you did with the good one.

However, if you always expect other to offer you some good words for your actions, then this can make you habituated and decrease you productivity. The best thing you should follow is; accept the praise and try to forget it as soon as possible. Praise can encourage us to repeat the work for what we have had been praised, but we should move out from it and try to find the better version of the task.

Best Ways to Praise Others

Offering praise is so important for the prosperity and welfare of the people within an organization, but knowing the limit of appreciation is equally important. For instance, if you praise others regularly, it will definitely decrease the value and the impact of your message and will put questions on your integrity. Here we are mentioning some important strategies to offer memorable and sincere praise.

1. Be Specific with the Note

We have heard comments like “well done” or “nice job” and we consider those comments as better than nothing, but if you want to offer some different and specific words, then you have to use some unique notes, like “your proficiency has made my task an easier one”. However, this will make your message more memorable.

2. Praise Occasionally

If you praise others very often and repeatedly, then you can lose your importance. You should maintain a well-balanced ratio between positive and negative interaction. However, a study shows that if you offer more positive emotions to other, they will become more productive and flexible.

3. Use Appropriate Words

There is no doubt that everyone within an organization has different personality and different kind of motivation is needed for each one. You could find a few people who love to be praised ostensibly when others prefer to have it privately. You have to understand the mood of people around you and apply appropriate words for them.

4. Apply Various Ways

Choosing several individuals based on their talent and experience for suitable jobs will be a great option. You can put responsibility to several team members and praise their actions in different segments.

5. Praise Others Too

You should not praise any particular individual repeatedly in public, as the strategy can lower the confidence level of others. Try to evaluate others based on the essence of their job and make them realize how important they are for the organization.


Praise is an important part for any organization that wants to keep its workforce motivated and the strategy helps to build sound relationship with the staff.

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