Learn the Net Promoter Score and System

Net Promoter Score


Net promoter score is a kind of management tool that measures the customer’s relationships with the firm with an index between -100 to 100. It helps in evaluating the overall satisfaction with the products and the services of the company and the customer’s loyalty with the specific brand or the company.

Basic Concept

The net promoter score is not just a number game. It is a supermodel which is used by all the successful companies when they are moving from a research model to the operational model. The companies can follow a specific disciplined way for improving their profit and to increase the customer loyalty.

How to Measure the Net Promoter Score?

In this system, the customers can be asked a simple question, how likely he is going to recommend the company’s products and services to his friends or colleagues. The responses can be given in a scale of 0 to 10. The customers can be classified into three broad categories depending on their ratings:

  • Detractors: This section of customers is not really satisfied with the products and the services offered by the company. They may provide a score of 6 or less than that. It can be predicted that they will neither acquire products or services once again from the company nor will they refer any friends and colleagues to buy it.

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