Learn how to Communicate Effectively with the Communication Strategy Framework

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Gone are the days when the mode of communication was either face-to-face or over the phone. Today, the ways of communicating with one another are innumerable. Texting, emails, video calls, online forums and many other platforms allow us to converse and share thoughts and opinions clearly. In business, it is essential to convey the message to the right group of audiences or consumers to ensure a positive outcome. Unless and until, your consumers are able to grasp your business message properly, you can hardly expect conversions and sales. In order to spread the word about your offerings, you must plan your communication wisely. Here in lies the importance of the Communication Strategy Framework. This famous tool devised by Michael and Sandra Rouse serves as a useful guide to derive the best results by organizing messages and prevent hurdles in the way of implementing an effective communication strategy.

This article presents a detailed discussion about the Communication Strategy Framework. Take a look at the following.

The Communication Strategy Framework – Origin and Basic Concept

The Communication Strategy Framework was published in the renowned book called “Business Communications: A Cultural and Strategic Approach” in the year 2002. Both the theory and the book were written by Michael and Sandra Rouse.

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