Learn Excellent Marketing Strategies with Email Marketing



Email marketing is the process of promoting the products or services via email. It can be used for improving the relationships between the potential and existing customers. The emails that offer deals and promotional offers can be considered as the examples of the email marketing.

Basic Concept

If you are ready to apply the email marketing in your business, you are required to know few basic terminologies, metrics and the concepts for the smooth operation.

Open Rate:

The open rate in email means that the rate or the percentage of people who have opened your mail in their account. Though there are some criticisms about the graphic blocking, the open rate can be used to understand the mail reports. The rates can be tracked through the small graphic, which can be blocked by the email providers. Therefore if any potential customer opens the email and it is not registered through the graphic, it cannot be shown in the reports. Your open rates can be highest when you are mailing the existing customers and can be lowest when you are mailing the new customers.


When you are mailing with a name, the first name of the user or the user Id then the process is called the personalization. The information in the database should be pre recorded. Though all the industries cannot follow this rule, the personalization can be beneficial if used with the right context.

Opt-In / Double Opt-In:

When any customer has selected the opt-in button that means he is encouraging you to email him. The Double opt in specifies that you have gone for the options twice through the links by the confirmation emails. There can be other cold lists where the mail marketing activities can take place.

HTML Email / Plain Text Email:

There can be two different types of emails. One can be the HTML email where the graphics, tables and colors can be included. But the plain text email can only include the texts. Both the formats can be provided to the customers. Some phones and some web browsers may support different formats.

Click Through Rate:

The clicks can be calculated within the total number of emails. The rates can be measured within the sent mails which have been opened by the receivers. You can measure all the clicks or single click count with one open rate. The main aim should be to drive traffic towards the landing page or the website

List Cleaning / List Pruning:

Your email lists should be clean. Only the right email addresses should fulfill the list and the bad ones are to be removed. The email reporting performance will not work well if the list pruning cannot be done automatically. You should go by all the different options provided by the email provider.


Your email will get a response if it gets delivered properly. It should be successful if it lands in the inbox and not in the spam and in the junk folders.


This is an US Federal legislation that was passed in 2003, which sets some rules that requires to be followed while sending emails. The fines and penalties can be faced if you do not follow those rules!

Bounce Back:

There are some emails that returns to you being undelivered. Sometimes, the email address can be wrong or mistyped by the sender. The email address can also be a nonexistent one. In these cases, the email returns to the inbox of the sender.

How Email Marketing Strategy can be used?

Create Acquisition Strategy:

If you have already identified the audience growth and the locations where your customers prefer your brands, it is the high time you create an acquisition strategy. You can go for various interactive sessions through various tools and techniques. The acquisition forms must be designed with the responsive nature so that it can work out in the mobiles and the smartphones properly.

Relevant Data:

The information that you are providing to the target audience must be relevant to them. Simple data like location and the gender can be helpful while selecting your target audience. You can also use the geo targeting features from the social media sites like Facebook.

Mobile Optimization:

You should provide a perfect mobile experience and your email marketing should be well optimized with the mobile network. It has been found that 63% users in the US have deleted the mail just because it was not optimized for mobile.

Personalize Email:

If you can personalize your emails, it will be beneficial for fetching traffic. You can create personalized mails by checking the subscriber’s behavior in your website. According to a study, the sales conversion rates can increase to 15 % to 25 % and click through rates can increase 25% to 35% if emails can be personalized.

Get Permission:

The permission marketing can make you go a long way. You can seek permission before sending the mails. After receiving the positive response, you can personalize your email and send your target customers.

Share Emails:

You can keep a track of the emails that are getting shared by your potential customers. The share function does not operate only in the social media, but the mails can also be forwarded if they are relevant and beneficial.

Automate Post-Purchase Messages:

You can easily automate email campaigns post purchase. The customers can be reminded with the specific brand after a week, a month or 90 days after his purchase.

To Sum Up

From the article we can comprehend that

  • Email marketing can be used as a marketing as well as promotional strategy
  • Basic concept of email marketing
  • How email marketing can be used for the marketing strategy

Email marketing can be a strong base of interactive marketing if they are used properly. Your audience can be starting from the Smartphone owners to the non smart phone owners. Therefore you are required to strategize for both the segments.

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