Learn Agile Project Management with Its Implementation Process

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Agile project management is a method of managing the design and applying various engineering methods for launching a new product or services in a highly flexible manner. This is one of the modern strategies that can be used for the project management with the help of software programs. From the introductory period of the usage of the software development in the business process, we have seen various models like the waterfall model, spiral model etc. Agile came up with a more flexible nature with an umbrella term which can be used for identifying various models under the Agile development process. For example, Scrum can be considered as one of the specialized model for the Agile project management.

Basic Concept

To understand the basic concept of the Agile Project management, you are required to understand the process of the model.

  • The model focuses on the whole team and takes the team as a single integrated unit starting from the project manager, customer, developers, and the individuals looking after the quality assurance department.
  • The delivery cycle may be called as sprints. They should be short period deliveries for example; the period may range from one week to four weeks.
  • Communication in the process is very frequent and can be considered as one of the key factors for the integration purpose. The daily work can easily be evaluated through the daily meetings.
  • Techniques and tools can be used for free communication with the team members and the customers. So the customers can easily express their feedback and views. Those comments and feedback can act as the decisive factors while the implementation process of the software takes place.

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