Leading Equals – Lead Peers by Managing Relationships

Businesswoman Addressing Meeting Around Boardroom Table


Leading Equals is the ability to manage and motivate diverse range of employees effectively without authority. The level of expertise of each employee will be different and there will be not be any specific way to get the job done. Some of the peers will not report to your directly and thus you will not be able to comment on their performance. However, their lack of performance will create an impact in the overall output of the team. So, there must be a bridge to reduce this gap, and this is known as Leadership Equals. It will help you to accomplish the goal of your team by building trust and resolving conflict among the peers. This will result in motivation, which will lead to effective communication.

Challenges that can be Resolved with Leading Equals

The subject of leadership is not easy. You will find various leaders such as value based leaders, charismatic leaders, empowering leaders and visionary leaders. Each of these leadership varieties needs to face varied situations and challenges. When the situation gets tough, a traditional leader usually exercises his power no matter what their situation or style is, they demand the completion of work exercising his or her level of authority.

However, this level of authority is not that useful when a leader is in a charge of a team of his peers. In fact, it is also possible that the leader also has a small status like the person to whom the work has been assigned. Hence, it is not effective to exercise authority in such a situation over the peers. So, what should you do for leading a multifunctional peer group successfully?

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