Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model – Implementing Changes Successfully and Powerfully

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John Kotter, the worldwide acclaimed expert on transformational leadership described an 8-Step Change Model to create a lasting transformation in his book Leading Change (1996). According to him, useful changes generally associate themselves with multistep processes offering motivation and powers sufficient to overwhelm varied inertia sources. Business is changing with new initiatives, technology improvements, project-based workings, and the need to stay one-step ahead of competition. These factors together drive the ongoing transformations in the way that we function. Changes big or small are challenging and intimidating for the organization and questions range from how to begin, whom to involve to queries regarding delivery process, seeing it through, and more. Prof John Kotter has introduced this systematic change process to make the transformations easy and hassle free.

Analyzing the 8-Step Change Model of John Kotter

1. Create urgency:

Do you want this change to happen? Then solicit involvement from everybody in your organization, develop an aura of urgency around this requirement, create the buzzword. This will ensure that it occurs and fast. Anything may work to spark initial motivation and get things to move as a poor statistics of sales or burgeoning competitions. Your emphasis should be on convincing and honest dialogue regarding your competitors and the marketplace situations. When many people begin discussing the changes that you propose, urgency builds up quick feeding on itself. So what are the things that you could do to initiate this process?

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