Jargon Busting – A Study

Jargon Busting - A Study


If a person has to listen to the conversation of a pair of corporate executives, she will go tired trying to decipher the jargons they use. When executives use this language, a person not accustomed to its style does not understand anything that is spoken in front of her. In this article, we will discuss about jargons and how not to use it in order that communication can be speeded.


Jargon is the specialized language used by some people in the workplace. Jargon is useful to explain a certain meaning quickly. However, when others listen to it, they fail to understand. Even though jargons are meant to be used inside a group, other meanings come up and newcomers do not understand the conversation. This way, jargons can easily create hindrances inside the groups.

  • Jargons are a very bad style of communicating with general public. Public communication should be made in a way that is understandable. Jargons are obscure and confusing.
  • The reason for using jargons may be anything, but if the audience does not understand it, two kinds of problems can come up. On one hand, information cannot be conveyed and on the other the message that is conveyed can be negative. The audience tends to think that the speaker is not to be trusted because she has not given any effort to make herself intelligible

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