Incorporating Servant Leadership Raises Overall Productivity of Organization

Servant leadership


The term servant leadership is nothing new. But, still, its importance is not felt by many small-scale and medium-scale enterprises. However, big corporations have embraced its principles and that is the reason, they are doing well. The importance of servant leadership lies in growth and development of individuals and ensuring the proper allocation of power and resources to attain highest level of customer satisfaction.

What is Servant Leadership?

Robert K. Greenleaf was the pioneer of servant leadership. He coined that term in his essay titled “The Servant As A Leader” in 1970.

According to his theory, a servant leader should be considerate. It means that the person should take care of the needs of other team members, before considering his or her own requirements.

As a servant leader, you have to acknowledge your team members’ perspectives and provide them the necessary supports, which they require for completion of tasks and their personal goals.

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