Impromptu Speaking Skills – An Overview

Impromptu Speaking Skills


Impromptu speech is quite different from that of prepared ones. However, it is an important skill as there are situations often wherein you need to speak for a few minutes with no preparation. Impromptu speech sessions often are found in small informal business meetings, class works, politicians responding to voters or reporters and college communication sessions, etc.

Impromptu Speech – The Concept

Impromptu speaking generally takes place when a speaker is almost not given time to be ready with the speech. Suppose a topic is being given and the speaker needs to start speaking without planning the flow of his/her speech. Although this skill is quite a difficult task, yet the fact is what you speak most of the times on regular basis is considered as an impromptu speech. Hence, no such background research is needed when you are speaking for a few hours with your friends or colleagues.

However, delivering such speech on a specific topic is obviously a challenge. One of the common examples of “real world impromptu speech” is elevator pitch. While being in an unforeseen scenario wherein you are conversing with someone having the capacity to progress your career or give you opportunity in a new arena, it becomes quite tough to deliver a great impromptu speech.

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