Implementing Level 5 Leadership Can Boost Business Performance

level 5 leadership


You may have come across various corporate leaders in your work life. Have you ever given a though what makes them great? Is this their business skills, knowledge or the way of organizing and executing a task? Established leaders demonstrate specific blend of skills. They also possess some specific characteristics, which are hard to define. Such traits are prevalent in level 5 leadership. If you are assigned leadership role to execute a project successfully, you will be definitely interested in moving to that level for maximizing the business profitability.

Levels of Leadership

Jim Collin was the first person to research on level 5 leadership which transforms a company from good to the best. He classified leaders into five levels.

# Level 1 Leader

This kind of leader is a capable person. He or she plays an important role in the success of the company through his or her talent, skills, good working habits and knowledge.

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