Identifying New Roles in an Organizational Set Up

When to create a new role


Hiring is a calculative process and cannot be done through an impulsive decision. Adding to work force has several facets that are to be weighed analytically before any changes are made. Hiring of people implies permanent addition to existing workforce in an organized setup. Under certain circumstances additional work force could be required on a temporary basis. This does not necessitate in creating new roles in a setup.

Pre-conditions to Creating New Roles

Before deciding on the need to create a new role certain situations are required to be studied which by their appearance demands immediate attention.

Unusual projects – As opposed to the type of tasks done in an organization, at certain times unusual assignments might have to be carried out. There are two ways of tackling such a situation. As a first option this unusual task could be outsourced. With outsourcing, the organization could lose on the estimated profits from such an effort. To retain the profits, the other option is to outsource the normal job, and engage company’s own employees in executing this one-off task. Here it should be noted, that if the margin is this one-odd task is little then outsourcing it would be wiser. This weighing between options is critical and should engage the best managers.

Such one-time projects are not an indication for creating new job positions. If however, larger than usual projects become a routine and a quantum jump in resource mobilization is observed, then new job positions could be created.

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