Identify the Four-Step Innovation Process

Stairs from four pieces of the puzzle


As the innovation process is associated with everything new, even a small business owner can think of innovation. If all the predictable steps can be followed one by one, it can definitely form a final outcome of an innovation process. In an organization, the basic steps are to be followed when you are thinking of re-inventing your business or proceeding towards something totally new.

Basic Concept

The basic concept of the four step innovation process can be started with the emerging of an idea and can end with finally distributing the outcome. The strategist must think of the stages like inception, prioritization, and implementation and finally follow up. Now, let us observe the different stages of the four-step process.

How does the Four Step Innovation Process Work?

Step 1: Inception

This is the initial stage of generating new and fresh ideas. In this stage, you can brainstorm as many ideas as you can. You should look for thoughts and ideas from the industry where other people are also within the innovation process. You can adapt those ideas into your organization and see how it works. You can participate in different fun exercises, for example, do a role reverse. You can play the role of your customer and think like him for a whole day. You just note down what are your requirements as a customer. Now try to fulfill those needs practically and see the changes. Your ideas can never be silly as long as it is fresh and creative. For generating the ideas, you can involve customers, partners, suppliers and even the competitors. Anyone can participate in brainstorming various ideas and contribute them to the organization. The judgment should not be done in the initial stage and all the ideas should receive a warm welcome. Being focused on the topic, the ideas can go wilder and should not be restricted at this point of time. You just need to gather as many ideas as you can, by not looking at the quality but only at the quantitative factor. The ideas can easily be generated from

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