How to Use Phone Effectively for Business Growth?

Female customer support operator with headset and smiling


It does not matter in what profession you are engaged. Whether you are the owner of a business or you are working as employee of a company, it is likely that you need to attend or make number of telephonic calls for taking care of customers or finalizing a new deal. The first point of contact for any business is telephonic call. You can never get second opportunity for making the first impression. Therefore, the first telephonic call can break or strengthen a business engagement. However, a person handling calls at office is prone to ruin your business if he or she does not follow the proper business call etiquettes.

Effective telephonic conversation include following factors.

  • Development of listening skills
  • Answering a call in courteous manner

Developing Listening Skills

In order to establish effective communication through telephone, it is crucial to develop strong speaking and listening skills. Assuming everything is right cannot bridge the gap that is created due to lack of listening skills.

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