How to Organize and Execute an Ice Breaking Event

Ice Breakers


Today, in this highly competitive world, it has become very important for us to work as a team rather than seeing each other just as a competitor. A team having a great rapport between each member can enhance the productivity and work efficiency for an organization. There is no doubt that an individual can be a proficient leader, but without proper work force, a leader will never be able to utilize his or her idea for any business.

However, to build a better team, it is very important to have a good understanding between all team members so that they can be well aware with each other’s weakness and strength. People from the corporate world have heard about the ice breaking process that helps people within an organization to know each other.

A well-organized and facilitated ice breaking session can be a good start for a team building process. Such programs bring people together and help them to know each other in an organized way. Along with the introductory session, such event helps people to know the primary objective of the event that make them more engaged in the process and for this reason the participants can contribute more efficiently for a successful outcome.

If you are going to organize an ice breaking session, you should prepare the plan with specific objectives and make sure that it is appropriate for all the participants.

Right Time to Use Ice Breaker

Ice breaking session is not about any kind of celebration or just like a party that has been organized for nothing. There are some specific purposes for such event and organizers should know those facts well. Sometimes, such events are held to bring those people closer who usually do not work together. It works well for an organization to help the staffs to know each other for a common purpose. Look at a few aspects that will provide an idea about when one should consider an ice breaking event or meeting.

  • When people need to get together quickly to work for a common objective
  • If the team is newly formed and filled with people from different backgrounds
  • If the essence of objective is new and need to be discussed within the team
  • A facilitator needs to get introduced before the team for better understanding
  • If any contradiction of principles have been found among the team members

# True Essence of Ice Breaking Process

If you feel the need of organizing an ice breaking session for your team or a group of people connected by a common purpose, then you should have a clear idea about the process.

If you have invited a group of people for the event who have not met before and do not know each other, then you have to think that there will be a huge information-gap between them and that can be described as ‘ice’. However, you have to break the ice by bringing those people together.

If you are trying to bring people different from background, culture and outlook to work towards a common goal, then you have to introduce them with each other first and then make them engaged in a conversation where they can unfold themselves.

You have to manage the task sensitively and should focus on the main objective of the event.

# Design your Ice Breaking Event Efficiently

To be successful in the process of ice breaking, the organizer has to make sure that the event has been organized to meet some objectives and people who have been invited for the event are appropriate.

If you have invited people to make them aware about the future plan of your organization or any common goal that you want to achieve during the next fiscal. Then you should try to build up a productive work force and you have to make sure that all the participants who have been invited for the meeting can be included in your project.

With a clear vision or objective, you can design the ice breaking session. However, while talking with all invitees, you can ask them that how you can reach your goal within a specific time and what should be the most convenient way to reach the target within a small period of time.

Such aspects will make the participant more involved and force them to think about your objectives.

# Use the Method of Topic Exploration Ice Breaker

Let all the participants explore the topic of conversation and see how they make themselves more involved in the event. To get a better result, make a list of words that are related with your objectives for the event. For example, if the event has been organized to make participants understand about product manufacturing issues, then throw some words related with the subject and ask them to explain.

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# Encourage Participants to ask Burning Questions

While trying to bind all participants for a common purpose, you can encourage them to ask some key questions related with the objective of the meeting. You can use the method to discuss about the key measures that should help you to reach your sole purpose of the meeting.

If possible, try to give the answers on yourself, but allowing other participant to response can also be a good idea to make them more involved in the event.

# Ask Participants to Interview Others

Ask participants to know each other by conducting interviews on their own. The process will allow them to know more about other participants and help them to generate questions. There can be no other way better than knowing someone personally and such interviewing process will allow each one of them to become more informed about the other team members.


The process of ice breaking can be very effective if it is organized skillfully. Businesses that tend to value teamwork should follow such methods that can bring out the best productivity from every team member working for a common objective. Ice breaking method can bring up truce among team members if there is any moral contradiction. Such event helps to build up good relation between older employees with newer ones as well. Thus, learn about the method and apply it for better result.

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