How to Make an Effective CSR Strategy-A Study

Corporate Social Responsibility


Depending on the quality of marketing strategy it can be decided whether it has business value or does not have business value. The more relevant thing to ponder is whether the corporate responsibility strategy of a company is capable to create business value. Finding an answer to this issue is difficult as corporate responsibility is newer than marketing and thus, very few people understand it properly. In this article, we will discuss about the way a company can implement an effective corporate responsibility strategy and how the various strategy tools are useful for that company.

Steps to Create Corporate Strategy Responsibility

Measures to build a profitable CSR strategy can herald profitability and pubic support for a company. A company which has effective strategies can ensure that it has willing investors and loyal customers. Mentioned below are some of the steps of corporate social responsibility that can ensure profitability of a company.

# Connect to the core purposes of the company

The core purpose of most organizations in the twenty first century is finding a corporate responsibility strategy. Large companies that have made a mark in the society are not only bothered about making money, but also want to involve in social activities.

Several companies conduct meetings virtually that used to be held face-to-face even a decade ago. This has lowered carbon footprint and cost. Organizations have started the use of technology to check waste and monitor the use of energy. Companies infuse social responsibility strategies with their core purpose, such as efforts for the community, generate employment, reduce pollution, reuse resources, etc. These steps also help in enhancing the brand value of the company.

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