How to Enjoy Your Commute

Enjoy Your Commute - A Study


Travelling to office everyday may be a time consuming affair. However, the journey is not always boring and useless. It can be made entertaining and useful if the commuter uses her time reading books or listening to songs on smartphones. This approach also makes the commuter feel less stressed. By making preparations from before, daily travelers can make sure that they have a useful time while travelling. In this article, we will discuss how a commuter can use stress management and coping strategies to spend time in public transport.

Advantages of Travelling

A study in United States of America has proved that around 8% of Americans commute for above thirty minutes, each way. Among these people, more than six lakh travel for over 3 hours everyday. In The United Kingdom, on an average, commuters travel for forty one minutes.

  • People often consider traveling time a waste. However, while going to work, they can prepare themselves for the day and relax while returning home.
  • People often utilize this time to learn new things and entertain themselves. This helps in improving the mood of the traveler when she arrives at the workplace or home.

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