How to Develop Long-Term Focus?

How to Develop Long-Term Focus - A Study


Professionals often have small goals and after they are achieved they do not know which way to direct the team members. In fact, several times company managers stop trying to attain a goal because they think that it is useless. Again, there are managers who have long – term goals and even though they do not receive much recognition at frequent intervals, the ultimate success makes a lot of difference. In this article, we will discuss about the techniques of long – term goal settings to increase personal effectiveness.


  • The capability to provide complete energy and attention on a particular activity for a very long period of time is called focus.
  • Setting short – term objectives is easy for a manger in a company as the results are obtained quickly. Recognition too comes along quickly which results in highly motivated team members.
  • It is, however, tougher to focus on long – term goals which sometimes take decades to be fulfilled.

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