How to Deliver a Killer Presentation

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Giving good presentations can be a daunting task, especially if you are going in front of a large group of people. The audience has high expectations from the person who is on stage. Each and every single word you utter makes a big difference, if planned carefully.

Preparation and delivery are the two most important things to make the presentation successful. Delivering great presentations is essential skill for employees and business owners. Few people have natural skills that help them to give an impactful presentation. Communicating what is important and essential about your business is an art and can be learned by following some tips.

Golden Rules of Great Presentation

There are many forms of business presentations, where some are extremely formal with detailed information that needs to be delivered in an effective manner. Some presentations are informal and it is difficult to control cross-talks in such presentations. Whatever is the type of presentation, the outcome should leave a great impact on the minds of audience. The below are some golden rules that help you accomplish the goal of delivering great presentations.

Rule 1 – Know your audience

Knowing your audience is the key to a successful presentation. Whether you are speaking in a small group or large group, you should know your audience in advance to make sure that the presentation achieves great response. You need to connect well with the audience by knowing what they expect from your presentation and why your topic is important to them. You should always remember that the audience are from different cultures and demographic biases, and are not just like you. The more you know them, the better you can deliver the presentation. It is also important to know the level of knowledge they have about the topic, so that you can present the content with correct tone and style. If you are delivering the presentation in a foreign country, you should know the cultural differences of the audience. There are several things you can do to know your audience.

Rule 2 – Prepare the content well

A compelling presentation not only need through preparation of content, but good language, style and tone. It needs a bit of skills to understand the audience and prepare the content accordingly. When you are preparing a presentation, the only thing that should be in your mind is the sole purpose of the presentation. When you prepare for presentation, the key things you should focus on are – content, general story line, slides and other things. There are a number of little things that catch you off the guard. The purpose and content should be considered carefully, with all the details covered in a short period. Prepare the content with an introduction, body with key points, latest trends in your data, new knowledge etc. The level of detail depends on the time you have. Remember that the tone of your content should be non-verbal with a perfect body language.

Rule 3 – Present confidently

Confidence is the key to a good presentation. Some people have a knack for giving presentations that it comes naturally. The more confidence you gain, the more successful is your presentation. Preparation is the key to gain confidence. The more you practice, the more is your confidence. Think about the good things in you, which help you build confidence. Remember that rambling can kill your presentation, which is often spawned by nervous questions. The more you speak to people and communicate with strangers, the more your communication skills will improve. Say ‘NO’ to nervous. You will soon consider it to be your confidence, especially in front of large audience.

Rule 4 – Get control of the circumstances and situations

Many presenters often confused about how to control the environment of the presentation. You can get things under your control in the presentation hall by checking the presentation room beforehand. It is advised to practice in the room and get familiar with the equipment. Make sure that all the equipment is working properly. Practice the presentation by sticking to the time you were given.

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Tips to Deliver an Effective Presentation

Delivering an effective presentation is very important as it helps you boost your career and win new business. Doing the wrong task and losing the credentials is the drawback of many. Below are some simple and easy tips that help you deliver an effective presentation.

  • Leave the personal life at door.
  • Practice rigorously. Be passionate and try to speak good English. Don’t let the things slide
  • Remember that you don’t need to know everything. Its okay not to know answer to every question. Admit if you don’t know and explain why you don’t know.
  • Your posture and body language plays a very important role in delivering an effective presentation. Have confidence till you fill your space in front of the audience. Make an eye contact with the audience while delivering the presentation.
  • The volume, pitch and pace of your voice should be clear and perfect.
  • Minimize the number of slides in your presentation to keep the audience interested and attentive. Choose the font style that your audience can read from distance. Keep the text simple and try to make use of bullets rather than paragraphs.
  • You can use graphics to convey the information and mark them in such a way that they are understandable.
  • Use high contrast between the text color and background color. Check the colors on the screen before you start the presentation.
  • Make sure to check the spelling and grammar mistakes multiple times. You can gain respect from audience by making the slides and content error free.


Presentations are great way to convey ideas as well as convince people. Giving a presentation is not an easy task and need substantial amount of research, confidence, and public speaking skills. Those who wish to learn presentation skills can get trained from any reputed institute or can follow the presentation delivery tips available on the internet. By using the above rules and tips, you can deliver the presentation in an effective and efficient way.

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