How to Create a Healthy Workplace?

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A favorable working environment can bring the best productivity from the employees of any organization. Nowadays, many well-known organizations are taking initiatives to provide a healthy working environment where people can work in a good state of mind. Many people cannot work in unbearable pressure and companies based on such policies cannot retain their employees for a long period.

A favorable and pro-healthy workplace has become a major concern for modern job seekers, as they believe that companies that offer such privileges are more preferable than others that do not. However, a healthy workplace offers a lot of benefits to an organization and its employees and we will discuss some of its benefits and a few ways through which an organization can create a healthy and friendly working environment for its employees.

# Form a health and wellness committee

Before starting up the process of offering your employee a healthy workplace, you have to form a group or committee and give them the charge to take care of the issue.

The basic duty of such committee will be to conduct research based on available local opportunities, organize several recreational activities, offering weekly health tips and many other activities that will ensure the wellness of your employees.

# Ask your employees about their needs

The best way to offer your employee a favorable working environment is to ask them about their requirements that can let them to work in a healthy workplace. Make sure that your employees are not hesitating to express their thoughts and you should offer them the opportunity to come clear about their basic needs in terms of healthy workplace.

It has been found that employees want to feel and look better, but they can hardly manage some time for all of these. Thus, ask your employees and learn about their basic needs.

# Offer your employees fresh fruits everyday

Offering some fruits at a specific time can make a lot of changes in the workplace as by taking the simple step you can add more energy to your employees. Many farmers and groceries in your area are providing such service; you can call them up and can order a box of fresh fruits.

Purchasing a box of fruits may cost you a nominal amount of money, but such act will help your employees to develop the thought that their employer is taking care of their health and that will definitely encourage them to be more productive for your organization.

# Engage your employees in several activities

This can be a great opportunity for you to take care of the wellness of your employees, as several activities such as inviting them for a company- sponsored lunch, or encourage them to use stairs on a particular day of the week.

You can suggest your employees to take Yoga classes that can help them to fight with stress, anxiety or insomnia. By practicing Yoga for at least two to four days in a week, your employees can increase their productivity without putting too much effort.

# Provide occasional health checkups

You can make your employees happier if you provide them occasional health screening at the workplace. The simple move will cut down the health related costs of your employees and the important initiative will help to bring everyone together.

Many employees avoid medical checkups, just because they do not have time for it. However, it would be better for them if they can avail such facilities at their workplace. Many organizations take the issue seriously and conduct health screening once in every month. Moreover, some of them also offer some indispensible medicines to their employees.

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# Organize a sporting event once in a month

Offering some recreational programs, such as sports will add more energy to your employees. You can organize some light sports so that they can enjoy it. Sporting activities help to reduce stress, offer a lot of joy and at the same time induce the importance of team play. Such event will definitely refresh the mind of your employees and make them more productive in the workplace.

Many organizations arrange some competitions every year, where teams from other companies also participate and make the event more competitive. Winning companies often declare a special off day to celebrate their victory.

# Arrange some motivational workshops

Along with other physical activities, taking care of the mental health of the employees is equally important for an organization. You can hire some professionals who are experts in this field.

It has been found that many companies organize such events on Friday evening right after finishing the work. Motivational workshops recharge the mental energy of employees and help them to find solutions for on-job stress.

The Impact of Stress on Health

According to a survey, two-thirds of working people say that work influences a lot to their stress and one among four says that stress at work has made them sick. There is no doubt that stress has become a significant concern for people and it is simply reducing energy level as well as productivity of the employees of an organization.

However, to address the issue, every organization should come forward and prepare some plans that can take care of the matter.

Reputed organizations are the front liners who have initiated special programs to motivate their employees in different ways. However, many companies are not well aware about the cause of decreasing productivity of their employees and without finding the root cause, then tend to increase pressure on them and such moves force their employees to quit their job.


The initiative of enhancing employee wellness can be a challenging task and it will not be executed overnight. But by establishing a committed team that will take care of the issue, an organization can bring everyone on board. By suggesting effective ideas and setting up practical goals, any workplace can become most favorable and a pro-healthy environment for the employees. Thus, try to understand the seriousness of the issue and provide your employees a healthy environment. Moreover, by opting for several scientifically approved physical activities you can enhance the productivity of your employees.

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