How to Craft a Flawless Elevator Pitch

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Most of the people confuse elevator pitches as informal presentations that take place within a casual conversation. Elevator pitches are supposed to grab the attention of investors in less than a minute. It can be said as a well planned and practiced description of your organization, products, services or ideas that is presented in a minute. It is not a sales pitch, that describes the products or services in detail, but a formal description that gives an overview of your business, products or services.

What is an “elevator pitch”?

Elevator Pitch is a well planned and concise marketing pitch about your professional life that should be understand in the time it would take to ride up the elevator. It includes a theme which is less than 60 seconds and resonate you with a unique personality and interest. It contains a follow up request for future meeting, business card and referral. The name ‘elevator pitch’ reflects the thought or idea that is delivered in the time span of an elevator ride. The term is originated from a scenario of accidental meeting with an important person in the elevator.

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