How to Build Good Working Relationships?

Togetherness is the key to business success


Every social interaction depends on communication. In fact, communication helps to develop reliability and integrity between people. One of the best ways to do this is creating a good rapport with others in society. This is because when you expect others to be friendly; you should make them feel relaxed and comfortable as well. Similarly, you should ensure creating a friendly atmosphere at your workplace so that you can find a positive approach to achieve your as well as organizational goals.

Building Good Work Relationships – How It Helps

Working relationships either negatively or positively affect your fulfillment in the job, your capacity to progress and be recognized in your workplace for attainments. When building a positive relationship, you can feel much comfortable in your interactions thereby being bullied less by others. Hence, it is very much needed for you to feel a close bond with your colleagues.

As per the Gallup Organization - individuals who have their best friends at workplace find themselves 7 times more engaged in their respective jobs. However, it need not be your best friend. Gallup Organization also found that people who could develop a good working relationship in their offices probably seem to be more satisfied at their work. Moreover, a good working relationship is crucial for someone to be successful in his/her career.

Good Working Relationships – Why It is Necessary

Human beings are a social animal and so they crave for positive interactions and friendship just like water and food. Therefore, it is sensible if you can better your relationships in workplace making you more happy and productive. Having a positive relationship in workplace has numerous benefits:

  1. It makes your work more fun-filled and exciting
  2. Sharing your ideas with others can enhance your creativity and innovative skills
  3. Good working relationships give you more freedom to focus more on opportunities
  4. It is even necessary when you think of developing a successful career

Good relationships in your workplace not only symbolizes people with whom you spend quality time but also others in your professional sphere. Important stakeholders, suppliers as well as customers are equally essential for the success. Therefore, it is must you should develop and maintain a healthy relationship with them.

Building a Good Working Relationship – How

Building a positive relationship in your office is a tough job to do and maintaining it is even more difficult. Here are mentioned a few ways that will help you to develop good relationship with your colleagues:

Respect – The term “respect” is something that you can get only when you show the same to others. Respect ideas, situations and feelings of your colleagues and you can expect the same from them. Remember it is tough to have any sort of relationship when you do not have respect for others. This, in turn, can develop a strong relationship at your workplace.

Admit Your Mistakes – None is perfect in this world and can commit mistakes. Yes, even you can make mistakes but it is must admitting those when committed. For an instance, if you have made a mistake for which any of your colleagues is going to be punished, then it will be ineffective on your part only. Hence, admit your mistake that will further help you to build trust in the mindset of your colleagues.

Show Interest in Your Colleagues’ Personal Life

Either at lunch break or post the office hours, it is advised to show interest in personal lives of your colleagues. Talk with your colleagues and ask them about their personal lives such as:

  1. Education
  2. Special Interests and
  3. Past Work Experience etc

Having a clear-cut understanding of personal lives of your colleagues will help you to gel up with them in a better way.

Take a Likeable Attitude – The very first mantra to build a healthy relationship is you should take a likeable attitude above everything else. Be supportive and show your love and concern towards all your co-workers equally. Picking your favorites might prove to be damaging when creating a stronger relationship.

Welcoming Diversity – If you seriously want to develop a good working relationship then you should welcome diverse people and their opinions as well. Here is an example citing the fact. When your co-workers have different opinion to yours then take time to think and consider their points and then finally feature their insights while making a decision.

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Build Your EI (Emotional Intelligence) – You should spend time to develop your EI (Emotional Intelligence). This is your ability to be familiar with your emotions and understand on what they are demanding.

Appreciate Others – Appreciate whenever somebody helps you. Right from your cleaner to your boss in the office, everyone feels happy when they are being appreciated for their work. So, try to compliment others, which will pave the way for good work relationships.

Be Positive In Your Approach – None prefers to welcome a person having a negative attitude every time. Hence, try to bring in positive attitude within so that it helps to develop a stronger relationship at your workplace.

Building a Good Working Relationship – In a Nutshell

The more you get into creating a healthy relationship within your workplace, the more you can be satisfied working over there. Building and maintaining a positive relationship is quite a difficult thing but doing it rightly can develop a great atmosphere at your workplace. Even if you find yourself in a situation wherein someone is not adjustable, try to be friendly with him or her to make your job satisfying.


At times, you do not prefer to work with a person you cannot relate with. However, it becomes essential on your part to keep up with that person for your job. If such instances take place, make efforts to know that person well. Although both of you are not at good terms yet approach first to improvise your relationship by getting into a conversation or even inviting him/her on lunch.

Remember when talking, you should not be guarded. Ask the person about his/her past successes, background or other things. It is advised to focus on looking up for the common things between you and that person rather than wasting energy in order to find the differences. Not every relationship is great but making it workable is just the right thing to do.

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