How to Build a Positive Team That Is Happy and Engaged

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Organizations need to create a positive work environment, to bring the best out of their employees. Employees will become motivated when they fell encouraged and accepted. Building positive team is a nice formula and generates much better results without costing much.

In this article, we will discuss how to build positive teams that are highly motivated and accomplish their goals in an effective manner.

Different Ways to Build a Positive Team

Building a positive team is more than creating a buzz and is very critical to your success. Building a strong and collaborative team is one of the popular business strategies these days. If you don’t have the desired skills to build a positive team that is together in each and every step, then you are at big risk. When you have a team that falls apart, then your business will be going to take a big hit. Building motivated teams need a lot more than just sophisticated programs and team meetings. It is all about breaking the barriers and knowing about how to communicate with other. Here are some tips to get you on your way of building a positive team –

1. Positive communication

This may seem obvious, but remember that positive communication helps you create a string bond between the team members. The team members can share their ideas with others openly in a positive work environment. The team leaders should not only contribute their own ideas, but ask the team members to share their ideas. This will ensure employees that the company encourages open and positive communication.

2. Creating team spirit

One should look for ways to create a positive team spirit and make the team members feel that they are valued. Companies can build a positive team and work environment by reinforcing each team member that the role they play at work is of great importance.

3. Be accessible

Companies should have an open door policy to create a positive work environment. This will make employees feel that you are always there in case of any issue. Closed office doors reinforce hierarchy and create barriers.

4. Have an encouraging environment

One should keep the workplace neat and clean to promote a cheerful attitude. Yu should focus on little things such as – proper light & ventilation, air circulation, temperature, decorum of the office etc to create a positive environment, which will eventually help you build a positive team.

5. Include fun and entertainment

You should never leave out the fun and entertainment in life. You should never forget birthdays or special occasions of your employees. One should always look for ways to celebrate the success of other person. This will improve bonding between the employees, which help them turn into a string team.

Benefits of Building Positive Team

Building up a positive team can make a real difference to the success and well-being of a person. In a survey, it was found that individuals who are happy and contended are likely to perform well at their life, especially at workplace compared to the people who are not happy. Moreover, there is a great level of positive impact ability of people to think creatively, cope up with challenges and progress in the careers. All these things are essential ingredients for success at career.

Another benefit of positive team is it beings long-term benefits, as it broaden the behavior of employees over time. The more positive emotions you experience at workplace, the more you tend to exhibit positive behavior such as – awareness, creativity, curiosity and creativity. All these things are essential for success at workplace.

In other words, the happier you are, the more creative you are. This is true in case of individuals as well as work groups.

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How to Become a Positive Leader

Teams tend to become positive if and only if they have a positive leader. So, you should start with yourself and focus more on your own happiness, emotional intelligence and well being. The key characteristics that you need to have to become a positive leader are – engagement, positive emotion, meaning, positive relationship and accomplishment.

You should start by thinking how to increase these qualities in you. You should think about the work you do and understand the unique abilities you have. You should also have the ability to remove obstacles to ensure that your team is nit running into series of roadblocks. This will even help you determine the sense of motivation of your team. Once you have removed the obstacles, you should work towards managing your team in a positive way. There are a number of ways to do this. The below tips help you manage your team effectively –

  • Teams that understand the complete purpose of what they do is more engaged compared to the teams without focus.
  • You can create a team charter to define the role of each member and your expectations from that member. Team charters are beneficial for happy teams as they provide right direction and focus.
  • Look at the objectives, which you have set for the team. Make sure that you align the objectives of your team with that of the organization, as the members don’t understand how their roles benefit the organization.
  • Keep the team updated with all the activities and events happening in the team and organization. This gives the team members a chance to voice any issues or concerns they have with the organization or at work.
  • The team members can stay positive and focused, if and only if they have all the resources needed.

By following the above tips, you can become a positive leader who can easily build positive teams.


There are numerous benefits of building positive team. The important thing is that people who are in positive team are most creative and productive compared to others. They are likely to live a happy and healthy life. Remember that positive teams are created and led by positive leaders. So, one should start with themselves, and the try to remove the obstacles that could have a negative impact on the team. One should manage their team positively by creating objectives so that the team members know what they are supposed to do.

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