How Procrastination Can Be a Barrier in Your Professional Life

Are You a Procrastinator


Many people at some point or the other have experienced procrastination in their life. Irrespective of your commitment and systematic approaches towards your work, there is a probability that you might have thought to delay your project and spend time in trivial matters. Several procrastinators convince themselves having some good reasons on why they are delaying work. In fact, there are people who might not even realize that they are procrastinating and should overcome it accordingly. In such a scenario, it is better to take self-test and identify if you are suffering from such a problem.

Procrastination – Definition

To recognize if you are a procrastinator, it is must to know about what procrastination means. In simple terms, the term procrastination can be defined as the “act to put off important tasks” till lateral period. Mostly unimportant tasks are being carried out against the critical ones. The definition might sound simple to you but its effects are not. Procrastination can be considered as a big challenge that you need to get rid of at the earliest possible.

Thinking about the present day society, you will find very lesser time in a day. Therefore, it is must you should know about managing your time effectively and restrict this problem as much as you can.

Procrastination – The Negative Consequences

Human beings, by nature, are ache-avoiding creatures. Therefore, it is obvious to stay away from unpleasant things or something that is painful. At times, such a habit leads to procrastination. However, the things you avoid out of fear can bring in negative impacts in your life. Psychologists say that procrastination can ruin your life and your career.

In fact, procrastination can turn out to be too serious and result into chronic procrastination further. Such critical avoidance of the tasks can be characterized as OCD or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder as victims try getting into details, which falls them behind completing regular responsibilities. It not only hampers their productivity but also might be the reason for job loss.

Procrastination – The Reasons along with Measures

There can be several reasons on why people procrastinate in their life. Here are laid down some of the reasons of procrastination along with the remedies:

# Handling Complicated Projects

Have you ever experienced such a situation in your office? If yes then you will know that complicated projects seem to be overwhelming and it is a great cause on why number of people procrastinates. In such a scenario, it is recommended to divide the tasks of the project into small components and then deal with each one individually. This will not let you get bored and the project will continue, as it should be.

# Unpleasant Projects

Often the projects that are being considered unpleasant can lead to procrastination. This might have happened with you even. You were being assigned an unpleasant project instead of something you would have really enjoyed working on. Ultimately you have delayed working on the project intentionally. However, a task needs to be completed when assigned. Find ways on how you can make the task interesting like implementation of reward system after completion of the task.

# Incapacity to Prioritize

Your incapacity of prioritizing tasks can also result in procrastination. For an instance: if you divide all your tasks into variant categories on the basis of their significance then it really becomes difficult as you are continually shifting tasks or in fact, deciding on what to do next. This can leave all your tasks behind. To avoid the situation, create a list of all the tasks, rank those as per significance and keep a deadline of say 4 hours. Assess your advancement after the deadline and then reevaluate the condition based on left out tasks.

# Incapacity to Take Decisions

If you are not capable of taking apt decisions then it also leads to procrastination. It has been observed that number of people spend good time to take decisions relating to their projects. Although it is must to make careful decisions yet it can further delay your project. For avoidance of such a problem, keep one single day for the decision-making process. This will help you to utilize your time in coming to a perfect decision.

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# Fear to Fail

Another big reason that can lead to procrastination is the fear to fail. There are individuals who subconsciously or intentionally delay their projects, as they are doubtful about the outcome of project. One good way to overcome this type of procrastination is to instill self-confidence within to do it and visualizing yourself about the steps in project succession. Think of the steps that you can take to succeed. Nosooner you have formulated the steps; it is the right time to execute the same. You will surely be succeeded in the task.

# Distraction

One of the primary causes resulting in procrastination is distractions. Sometimes you might be tempted to take a break and drink coffee, chat with your colleagues or even attend an unimportant phone call etc. Such not so urgent tasks can make your project works delay which should actually be focused on. In order to combat such problems, you should establish your own workspace to lessen distractions and scheduling a different time to chat with your colleagues without hampering the work of your project.

Some other reasons resulting in procrastination are forgetfulness, care a damn about the task, not clear about what to be done, sickness etc. In general terms, human beings face emotional reaction when they either do not desire to do something, do not enjoy or think that they can never do the assigned task. Learning ways to acknowledge such emotional reaction will not only make you aware about being procrastinated but also motivate to fight the problem in effective manner.


Delaying an important task for the sake of your own reasons or against something unimportant things can make you procrastinate. Not only it can affect your mental well-being but also can be a big problem hampering your professional career. However, “where there is a will, there is a way. So, find out the ways by which you can beat the reasons of procrastination and overcome it.

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