How Can You Improve Your Writing Skills

writing skills


Budding writers share some common fears and some even call this insecurity. Even many people refrain from publicizing their writings because they fear of being mocked. The fact is, however, their fear is just baseless. To be honest, you do not have to get your name encrypted in the list of famous writers, but still there are ways with which you can enhance your writing skills.

Tips to Enhance Your Writing Skills

There are several ways on how you can work on improving your writing skills. Have a look at them:

  • Check Spelling
  • Grammatical Errors
  • Follow Active Voice
  • Eliminate the Chaff
  • Study Literature
  • Attain Perfection with Practice
  • Structure Your Writing
  • Do Writing Exercises
  • Be Well-Versed About The Topic
  • Edit and Proof-read

# Check Spelling

One of the common mistakes often made by writers is overlooking the spell checks. However, the very first tip to enhance your writing skill is to check each spelling in details. Although many spell check software are available to check for small spelling errors yet they will not be able to catch grammatical errors such as ‘form’ & ‘from’ in proper perspective. Therefore, you should be careful enough to check the spelling mistakes thoroughly.

# Grammatical Errors

If you really want to enhance way of your writing, then ensure your work has no grammatical errors. No, you need not have specialization in English, but it is important to be aware of the basics. You should know where to use ‘is’, ‘are’, ‘was’, ‘were’ etc. rightly. There are more to it. To learn the fundamentals of grammar, you can refer many books written by experts or simply get into some reputed reference websites. This will help you to make your work grammatically correct.

# Follow Active Voice

The most common sign of poor writing is over usage of passive voice in sentence construction. Using passive voice can make your material appear like ‘X is being attacked by Y’. For example, check this sentence - James wrote this novel when he was 18 years old – This novel had been written by James when he was 18 years old. Which of the previously mentioned sentence you would prefer to listen? Obviously, you would say the first sentence written in active voice, right? So, try avoiding usage of passive voice to the extent possible.

# Eliminate the Chaff

A good writing should feature three main things:

  1. Direct
  2. Clear and
  3. Simple

You make a sentence structure hard by writing it in 50 words instead of just 20. Keep in mind that a good writing is about exercising suitable words rather than just filling up entire page. At first instance, it might seem to be good to find lots of information in one sentence, but it can be difficult enough to read. If a phrase/s is not at all important then just eliminate it from your writing.

# Study Literature

To enhance your writing skill, it is essential that you should study well. Reading helps to develop your vocabulary and good understanding of language i.e. being written. There are plentiful structures as well as phrases appearing in written language. Knowing & understanding those structures can enhance your writing in the years to come. You will observe a change even if you are using native language for the write-up. You can also go through newspapers, magazines and all other things from wherein you can seek ideas.

# Attain Perfection with Practice

Practice makes perfect – a small line that has great meaning. Schedule a particular time regularly to practice writing, say, at least 30 minutes. Follow this and make sure that nothing in the world can stop you from practicing the habit. It is essential that you get proper surroundings to get into action. Make yourself comfortable and work in undisturbed mode to bring a change in your writing.

# Structure your Writing

Structuring is a crucial part that you should follow while writing. Many people tend to structure the whole thing before even writing one word. Try to use mind maps. They not only make your writing process simple, but also improve it as well. Once you can get hold of the entirety, you will not have to think about what you desire to write. Rather, you can solely focus on your writing and assemble them altogether rightly. This is a great exercise, if tried out on regular basis.

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# Do Writing Exercises

There is availability of some writing exercises. One of the most common among them is the writing exercise having a set deadline using a pen that cannot be erased. The exercise even urges you to write whatever that comes into your mind to prevail over the writer’s block. This is undoubtedly a wonderful exercise but you can find them in number. If you are writing for the internet then look for some common terms in the search engines and try writing as many words as you can on the topic given. Try out this exercise and you will benefit for sure.

# Be Well-Versed about the Topic

Another most important tip to improve your writing skill is being well versed about the topic. You should research more on the topic to be acquainted about the topic. Sometimes, reading works of other writers come to your rescue. All these give you a competitive edge to make your writing better.

# Edit and Proof-read

If you are working on improving your writing skills, then it is evident that you are well aware of editing your work. This is specifically true when you are masters of web or writing content for personal blog. After you have prepared a rough draft, you can go for a break. When you come back, make sure to read your write-up. Ensure to check everything – spelling mistakes, grammar, punctuations etc. Take this advice and you will see a great transformation within.


Writing style takes into account grammar, spell checks, voice and many other essential aspects. Learn the ways on how to improve your writing and you can observe a change in your writing. Following the tips will surely make you a great writer.

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