Heron’s Six Categories of Intervention- A Study


An Introduction

Most people come across situations at their workplaces where they have to support others with their expertise or advice. The way of delivering the support decides how far a professional is successful in assisting a colleague, team member or client at the workplace. The lending of workplace support also influences the relationship between the person offering help and the person being helped. In this article, we will discuss about Heron's Six Categories of Intervention which talks about helping people at workplace. This article tells how assistance at the professional level can help in better team management and team development.


The 'Six Category Intervention Analysis' is a book authored by John Heron in 1975, in which he stated six distinct ways to intervene at workplace.

Initially, Heron's framework was used by education and health professionals. In modern management concept, the six categories have helped coaches, managers, consultants and sales people to know about and improve the way they help team members, customers and others. It also helps in improving communication skills of the intervener.

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