Helping People Flourish at Work – A Study

Helping People Flourish at Work - A Study


There are times when team members are not motivated to work. They are either absent for a long time or there is a lot of infighting. A manager would never like her team to be dissatisfied and immersed in negativity. For this reason, she wants to keep her teammates happy, so that they flourish in their career. In this article, we will discuss about team management techniques that help managers to allow their team members to flourish at their work.

An Idea

A team needs to flourish and thrive because happy people are more productive than dissatisfied and unhappy people. They are more creative and more engaged in their work than unhappy resources. These people also enjoy going to office. As a result, absenteeism reduces, performance enhances and staff turnover decreases. These people have good personal lives and emit positive behavior. They have a lot of confidence and this leads to a lot of positive atmosphere in the group.


The PERMA Model helps managers in understanding the ways of helping people flourish in their career. It thus, assists in team-building and dynamics. The Model was developed by Martin Seligman, a positive psychologist. The model was first published in his book “Flourish” in the year 2011.

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