Handy’s Motivation Theory – A Study

Handy's Motivation Theory – A Study

An Introduction

Leaders might have faced situations where in spite of assigning a suitable task to a team member, the excitement of the latter has not been high. The leader is left wondering about what went wrong with the employee. Even though the employee was assigned a task which suits her skill-set and can give her lucrative remuneration, she seems reluctant to perform.
These situations happen at times when team members appear less enthusiastic than they usually are. In this article, we will discuss about Handy's Motivation Theory which takes a unique look at team management and techniques of motivating employees. This article will help leaders to motivate their people and allocate tasks effectively.


“Understanding Organizations” was the first book written by Charles Handy in 1976. He presented his motivation theory or motivation calculus in this book.

An Idea

Handy felt that motivation to work is among the major variables that affect organizational performance. In order to understand work motivation, he brought into focus the concept of 'motivation calculus.’ His motivation theory consisted of three elements.

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