Getting to Know About Impact Analysis

Getting to Know About Impact Analysis


Impact analysis deals with understanding the total consequences of change and it is known by several different names, including solution effect analysis, impact change analysis and change impact analysis.

Once things start changing within the framework of an organization, it is expected to think that someone would chalk out the steps a little better in order to prevent all the ensuing confusion as well as the following disruption. On the other hand, it is possible to have been involved in a project at one point where, with hindsight, a lot of effort and pain may have been avoided with the help of a bit more up-front planning and preparation. There is no doubt that hindsight is a good thing, but it cannot beat impact analysis. The latter technique is not only very useful but it is severely underused. The brainstorming technique of impact analysis allows for the consideration of the total impacts of a proposed change. As such, it happens to be an integral part of the process of evaluation for major decisions.

About the Impact Analysis Tool

The technique called impact analysis has been carefully designed with the intention of unearthing any “unexpected” negative impacts of a change on the framework of an organization. It is integral for gaining a kind of structured approach that helps in looking at a proposed change, which is integral for the purpose of identifying as many of the negative consequences or impacts of the change as possible. This is the reason why impact analysis happens to be such a significant tool for evaluating whether or not to run a specific project. Moreover, once the decision to go ahead has been made, it allows for the preparation and management of any kind of serious and important issues that may crop up in the near future. It is a common mistake that organizations do when they fail to undertake the process of impact analysis. This is one of the major reasons why so many projects tend to meet with failure since the unforeseen consequences wreak all kinds of havoc.

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